Best budget Gaming Mouse pads to get the Edge over Others

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For a PC gamer, gaming mouse is one of the most important peripherals.The same goes with the gaming mouse pads as well. They are like companion as they complete each other purpose. And choosing a wrong mousepad could lead defeat in an online game (or even be called out as a “NOOB’) or in esport competition.


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Or your mouse get stuck during flanking (dem feels).

There are several of gaming mouse pads available on ecommerce sites like Amazon etc. across all budget level.

Today I will show you the best budget gaming mouse pads for your bucks.

Mouse Pad NameDimensions (LxWxH)TypePrice
SteelSeries QcK + 17.72 x 15.7 x 0.08 inchesControlCheck Price
Razer Goliathus Control(small) 10.64 x 8.47 x 0.12 inchesControlCheck Price
Roccat TAITO Control 15.75 x 0.13 x 12.6 inchesControlCheck Price
Razer Sphex mat 0.1 x 13.2 x 10.2 inchesFastCheck Price
PECHAM Extended 30.71 x 0.12 x 11.81 inchesControlCheck Price
Perixx DX-1000XL 15.75 x 12.6 x 0.12 inchesControlCheck Price
Redragon P001 ARCHELON 13 x 10.2 x 0.2 inchesControlCheck Price


7.Red dragon Archelon


red gaming mousepad

Red dragon is relatively new company in terms of PC gaming peripherals. Despite of that they make quite good products like gaming mouse and keyboard etc. But today we will only talk about their mouse pads. The Archelon is a soft mouse pad which offers great control and accuracy in games.

The surface is made up of silk processed cloth to ensure that mouse moves smoothly. It is not as fast as a hard mouse pad but it offers great control. The pads surface is flexible and curl free which will help it lie flat on the table. Its surface is super fine and made which is also waterproof and easy to clean.

The bottom of the mousepad is made up of processed rubber foam which offers great grip and adapts according to the surface on which it is lied on. It offers great grip and stays sturdy on the table.

Those who have set up in red and black and on budget, I will highly recommend this mouse pad.

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6.Pecham Extended


pecham extended gaming mouse pads

Pecham is one of the few companies who offers extended gaming mouse pads for a budget price. This mousepad is long and will cover your whole table. The surface of this mouse pad is less textured which offers a great speed and fast control.

The surface of the pad is made up of cloth of lycra fabric which delivers excellent glide which allows to execute fast swipes and offers high precision. It is flexible and can rolled and offer great level of portability. It is also spill proof and easily washable.

The bottom of the mousepad is made up of highly durable rubber base which keep the pad intact on the surface of the table. The edges of the surface is reinforced with tight stitching process to avoid any kind of deformation.

Those who are looking for an extended mouse pad on a budget this is a better choice.




5.Perixx DX-1000XL



Perixx is a Germany based company which offers gaming peripherals for over a decade. The Dx 1000xl is one of them. It is not large in size compared to a extended mouse pad.

The surface is made up of textured fabric which offers good control and smooth operation. It is very flexible and anti curl. The surface of the mouse pad is treated with heat to check its durability and longevity. The top has silky and smooth finish which helps the mouse to glide with ease.

The bottom is rubber based like others which offer great grip on the table’s surface.  The size of the mouse mat is quite good and perfect for a control mouse pad.

The gamers who like more control on your mouse this mouse pad is for you.




4.Razer Sphexrazer sphex mouse mat hard

Razer is one of the most reputable brands in the gaming peripheral market. They are mostly known for their mice (Deathadder) but also offer some great gaming mouse pads. Technically Razer Sphex is not a mouse pad, it’s a skin. Despite of that it is doesn’t fail to perform.

This skin is made up of a matte black finish at the top and adhesive at the bottom.  This a fast desktop skin which very useful for players who are into competitive gaming. It acts like a hard mouse pad even it is just a skin. This helps the mouse to move faster with less friction.

The bottom is a sticky surface which helps the skin to stay intact on the surface on the table. The skin can be removed, washed and can be reapplied on any surface. Once the mat is applied on the surface it stays intact and doesn’t move even when lot of pressure is applied.

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This mouse mat is fast and is very suitable for gamers who play lot of FPS games like CS: GO, Battlefield and Call of Duty.



3.Roccat TAITO


roccat budget-gaming- mouse-pad

Not many people have heard about TAITO but those who do, they know much well it performs than other brand. Roccat  has not been heard by many, but they make great gaming gears especially for gaming mouse pads. This mousepad is one of their renowned product.

The front is made of light, soft nano matrix texture surface which offers some speed but has very much control properties. This surface helps the mouse to glide easily with less friction. Even this pad is fast it offers great control.

The bottom has a synthetic rubber based material which help the mouse to stay intact on the surface. The overall thickness is 3.5mm which offer great balance of speed and control operation. This mousepad is made to last long and is very much durable to wear and tear.

This mousepad is the control version , it is not fast but offers good control overall .




2.Razer Goliathus Control



The Razer Goliathus is one of the oldest mouse pad by razer. Despite of being old it is still kicking and is favorite among many gamers. There are three separate version  speed, control and extended. Under a budget the small performs quite well.

The front has a heavily textured weave for précises mouse control. This pad is optimized for all mouse sensitivity and sensors. As it is the control version it has very precise targeting and tracking. It has a cloth based design which feels very smooth and the mouse glides at ease.

The bottom is rubberized which keep the pad intact on the surface. This does not let the mouse pad slip even if extreme drag is applied. Both the surfaces  are stitched together to avoid any wear and provides longevity.

You can also use Razer Synapse software to tweak your mouse settings(only for razer mouses) as per your needs. If you have little room on your desk and love’s razer products then it is the best choice.

If you are having a razer’s Deathadder mouse or any other mouse from razer this is the best optimized mouse pad.



1.Steelseries QCK+


steelserires qck plus fps mouse pad

If you are into esports (fps) from the past decade or so and not heard of this gaming mouse pad then you must be living under a rock. Because it is the most preferred mouse pad by competitive PC gamers. It comes is various different sizes and edition but the QCK+ is the most balanced.

This mouse pad is a direct competitor to the Razer Goliathus and it came out on top. The front has a soft texture which offers smooth precise movements. It gives perfect amount of control to the gamers to get precise shots. It doesn’t offer as much glide as a hard mouse pad but is adequate.

The bottom has rubberized foam to get good grip and keep it intact on the surface. This mouse pad doesn’t move even on extreme pressure. This pad is mostly preferred by competitive FPS gamer who play games like CS:GO and the legendary 1.6 .

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So, if you’re a FPS gamer and want your shots to be precise then this mousepad is the best for you.




So this is it , these are some of the best gaming mouse pads for a budget.

Mouse pad are important as they enhance your skills, experience and help you play better. A bit of advice if you play games on high sensitivity then you should go for a hard mousepad as you have mastered your mouse control else for accurate tracking and control then soft mouse pad is your choice.

This is all for today.

Catch ya’ll later guys,

Happy fragging.

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