Top 5 best gaming mouse under 1000 rupees in India

gaming mouse under 1000

There are many FPS and MOBA lovers in India and most of them game on budget gaming gears. So today I have come up with the best gaming mouse under 1000 rupees.

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1.Logitech G90 Optical Gaming Mouse

best gaming mouse under 1000

Logitech is well known gaming brand by Gamers all over the world. They are one of the best gaming accessories brand. And G90 is one of the budget offering.


The G90 has an ambidextrous design with a black and grey color scheme.  It has 4 buttons in total with a scroll wheel and sensitivity button in center. The design of the mouse is very ergonomic and can fit any hand size. Its base is made out of low friction polytetrafluoroethylene to reduce drag for faster movement.


The mouse use a 2500 dpi sensor which uses Logitech’s Delta Zero Sensor technology for improving the accuracy of the sensors. It has an in game sensitivity switching button which can shift up to 3 DPI settings from 250 to 2500 DPI. The sensor has a 2ms response rate to catch your every move.

It is great gaming mice from Logitech for the price. The only con is that it does not have extra buttons on the side of the mouse. So if you like a mouse with less buttons and sleek design from a reputable brand then look no further.



2.Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS

m601 gaming mouse under 1000

Redragon is relative new gaming gears brand from china. It has popular recently among gamer’s for their amazing value and lower price on their products.

The M601 has an ergonomic design with red and black color scheme. It has 6 buttons in total with 2 programmable buttons on the right hand side of the mouse. There is dpi switch and scroll wheel on the centre. It has a Teflon base with for smooth control and quality ABS construction.

The mouse use 3200 DPI sensor which supports up to 4 level Dpi settings. There is an in line DPI switch in the centre for in game switch for ease of control as per need. It also comes with an 8 piece weight tuning set (2.4x8g) for players taste and control. And yes it also support red backlit on it.

This mouse is pretty good as it offers the maximum value than any other on the list. For under 1000 you are getting a gaming mouse with weight tuning set, “That’s crazy value!!”  . So, if you are looking the best all in one mouse with the best value then this is mouse for you.



3.Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor Bluetrack Gaming Mouse

dragonwar thor budget gaming mouse

In India, dragonwar has been for a while and offer some great gaming gears. The ELG9 Thor is one of their best mouse under 1000 rupees.

The ELG9 has an ergonomic design with matte black and grey color scheme.  This mouse has 7 programmable keys of which it has 3 are on the left hand side. It has a glowing scroll and dpi switch in the centre. The mouse also comes with multi colored LED’s backlit for better aesthetics.

The mouse uses blue track 3200 DPI sensor with up to 4 level of dpi settings. It has an in built memory to store your mouse configuration through their proprietary software. With this proprietary software you will be able to adjust the mouse and the led setting.

This mouse is great and compete with redragon in terms of quality and value. It also all in one package but it lack the weight tuning set,still it is one of the best gaming mouse under 1000 rupees. So if you are okay with it then this is this is the mouse for you.



4.Gamdias DEMETER II

gamadias budget gaming mouse under 1000

Gamdias is very well known brand from Portugal. It is very well known among their local audience and people are have started noticing the brand all the over world as well.


The DEMETER II is now renamed to Demeter E1 has black matte color scheme with a hint of white on it. It has an ambidextrous design which helps it to support both hands.  It consist of total 6 buttons and 2 programmable buttons on the side. The mice has a red glowing scroll and DPI switch at the centre on the mouse. The mouse also has textured grips on the side for comfort and usability.  It also has a glowing Gamadias logo on the palm side of the mouse.

The mouses uses a 3200 DPI sensor which supports up to 4 DPI levels in total. The E1 has an internal microprocessor which allows you to store your mouse configuration for optimal use.


The E1 is a decent mouse with a professional look. This mouse has a pretty high quality built and sleek design. SO if you are looking a mouse with a high quality professional look and feel than this is a mouse for you.



5.TRUCASE (TM) Gaming Mouse

trucase gaming mouse

Truecase is new Indian brand which makes computer and mobile accessories. They also make some budget gaming gears.

The TM mouse has ergonomic design with black and purple matte color scheme on it. It has total 6 buttons and 3 programmable buttons on the left hand side. It also has purple glowing scroll wheel and DPI switch on the top center. Luckily this mouse also comes with LED backlit.

The mouse uses as 3200 DPI Avago sensor with up to 4 level of DPI settings. It also supports multi color LED’s on which they can be switched with their proprietary software.

This mouse is large in size and pretty decent. The led backlit make the mouse look attractive in dim or no light. So if you’re looking for a multi colored backlit led mouse then this is the mouse for you.



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So these are the best gaming mouse under 1000 rupees in India right now. I will keep on updating the list as soon as I find new ones.

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