Buid the best gaming pc under 40000 rupees 2017

Build the best gaming pc under 4000 rupees 2017

In India most people work and play games on pc. So it needs to be best bang for the buck. So today we will build the best gaming pc under 40000 rupees.

The gamers are in India are in love with esports titles like CS:GO and DOTA 2. And some even play most of the AAA tiles like GTA5, Assassin’s creed and Battlefield. And with this build you will be able play all of these games and more at respectable graphics settings.

So without further to do let’s get started with our build.


AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Quad core CPU

ryzen 3 for gaming pc under 40000

AMD was silent for many years in the CPU department. But with ryzen they disrupted the market and offer the best price to performance ratio. And Ryzen’s Threadripper line up holds the fastest CPU crown.

The AMD Ryzen 3 1200 is a Quad core CPU (4 cores/4 threads) with a base clock of 3.1 GHz and all core turbo to 3.4GHZ. If you’re still not impressed, then let me tell you it is an unlocked processor with which you are allow to overclock to increase its performance. And for some of you for the likes of Intel they only offer a Pentium dual core processor which barley will be able to run games at high settings.

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Even to make things sweet it supports AMD’s proprietary XFR technology which boost the performance even further under normal temperature. And with SenseMI tech it also works efficiently. And for such an entry level processor it is VR ready.

For this build hands down ryzen3 1200 is the best processor your money. It even trade blows with the like of Intel i5 line up in some benchmarks. It is our recommendation to go for a ryzen for your gaming pc.



MSI Pro-VDH AMD Ryzen B350 

MSI b350 mobo


With Ryzen AMD introduced the AM4 socket and various chipset supporting the architecture, and one of which is B350. MSI is a well-known brand among gamers and one of the best for manufacturing motherboards.

The MSI Pro-VDH B350 is a professional motherboard with brown and black color scheme. It can support all ryzen processor without any bottlenecks. It supports 1X PCIE 3.0 sloth, upto 64GB of RAM, next gen USB 3.1 and NVMe ssd’s as well. On the back it sports 2X USB 3.1,2X3.0,4 X2.0 USB slots, 1XDVI-D,1XHDMI 1.4 ,1XVGA port , 1 Gigabit Ethernet port and 7.1 channel audio. On the front it can support 4 USB 3.1,4 USB 2.0 ports and mic & headphone jack.



The Pro-VDH come with various inbuilt technologies like Audio Boost to improve sound, XBoost storage to increase your storage performance and user friendly GUI based Bios to tweak your motherboard and processor.


Yes the B350 chipset supports Overclocking which is good for us the consumer due to which we get extra performance for free. And B350 is a great chipset which offers tons of feature for a fraction of a price. For people with the likes of intel their K series mobo which supports overclocking starts around Rs.150000.





gskill ram


Gskill of the well know player in the gaming industry. They are very well known for their memory modules. But they also offers some great gaming accessories like gaming mouse, keyboard and headset.


Last year with the launch of Intel’s Kabylake DDR4 RAM standard got main stream. They offer much greater performance and lower power consumption than DDR3 ram standards. Now with the launch of ryzen it aslo support DDR4 ram sticks.

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The Gskill Aedies series of ram are one of the best looking in the market. It has a black and red looking color scheme with makes it look stand out. This ram module uses CL15 formats which make them more reliable. And it clocked at 24000 Mhz which is great for ryzen as they perform perform better with higher clocked ram sticks.


Gskill is well known for it memory and their Aegis line is one the best performing for the price. And it will be excellent to build the best gaming pc under 40000 rupees.


ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 2GB GDDR5

zotac gtx1050 for gaming pc under 40000

Nvidia and AMD are the only two players in the PC graphics market. They both go head to head in the mid segment but Nvidia stand out in the High end and their GTX 1050 is one of the best performing card in the entry level market.


Zotac is one of the best board partner Nvidia has got. And their mini-series GPU are small in form factor but performs really well. The Zotac GTX 1050 is based on nividia’s Pascal architecture, which is nothing but a refresh from Maxwell with 16nm fabrication. Which offer better performance and lower power consumption.

The Zotac GTX 1050 mini has 2GB GDDR5 of memory, which uses 128 bit interface. It has a base clock of 1354 Mhz and boost of 1455 Mhz which is great. For the display out it supports Display port 1.4 , HDMI 2.0b and DVI-D. And has a TDP of 75W of power.



With this card you will be able to play games at 1080p at high to medium setting with respectable FPS. It is a great entry level card can most of your esports title without breaking a sweat at 1080p. And it has perfect price to performance ratio and is perfect for our gaming pc under 40000.



Corsair VS450 450-Watt

corsair VS 450

Corsair is very well know among gamers for their pc case. And they also offer some great gaming accessories like gaming mouse,keyboard etc. But they are also famous for their power supply.


The corsair VS 450 is a great entry level power supply it has a matte black and yellow color scheme. It is non modular power supply. And it can supply upto 450W of power upto 85% efficiency. It has 2X6 pin PCIE connectors.


To squeez out every ounce of performance from the processor , professionals overclock it. But entry level processors dosent support that , Now with ryzen 3  AMD has given us the power to overclock the CPU on an entry level cpu. But overclocking come extra power consumption due to which we require a higher wattage and reliable power supply.


So the VS 450 delivers all of that and with some headroom left. It is great power supply for any budget build. And you will not be disappointed for your gaming build under 40000 rupees.




Seagate New BarraCuda  1TB Hard Drive

seagate 1 TB HDD

Seagate is one of the most reliable and known brand in terms of storage solutions. They are among the best and offer some great storage solutions for gamers and professionals.


The Seagate barracuda is an entry level 1 Terabyte hard drive. And has 64 MB of cache. It can runs at the speed of 7200 RPM. And has pretty good read and write speeds. It also has a small NAND flash memory which cache the frequently used program in it for better performance and execution.


To play games you need tons of storage to store them and also your multimedia content as well. The Seagate barracuda is a very reliable hard drive and perfoms really well and much affordable than others. Even if things go south it comes a 2 Year warranty.



Circle CC819 Professional Gaming Cabinet

best gaming pc under 40000 rupees


Every PC gamers wants their gaming pc to look awesome. But to make them looks good require a expensive case. But to circle and their products this has changed as they make great gaming accessories for an affordable price.


The CC819 is one good looking case for an affordable price. It has a black red glossy color scheme with red leds on the inside. On the side it has a transparent window to take a look inside.


This case has 7 expansions slots, 3 3.5 inch, 4 5.2 inch drive bay. It aslo has 2 120mm red LED fans on the inside for aesthetic and cooling. And its front I/O is mounted on the top with one USB 2.0, USB 3.0 slots, mic and headphone jack.


For the price it the best looking case you can get, and if you are looking for your pc to stand out without compromising on space and feature this case will be the best for your gaming pc under 40000 rupees.






Now we are towards the end for my final verdict AMD has truly disrupted the processor market and is bring great value for us the consumer as we are getting better products for a cheaper price.


In this build the sequential horse power of ryzen and parallel processing of Nvidia will offer you great performance in games and professional application. So this is how you can build the best gaming pc under 40000 rupees.


So, hope you liked, if you do share it your friends and the one in need to help them out.


Till then catch y’all later.

He is the founder of Tek Grains , he is a gamer by heart, loves technology and likes to help people. He is a Pc enthusiast and helps people over the internet to build their system.

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