Top 6 best ssd under 100 dollars for Gaming

best ssd under 100 dollars


SSD’s are available in the market for over a period of time. And they are becoming much cheaper and faster day by day. So I bring you the best ssd under 100 dollars.

SSDs (Solid State Drive) are great, they are much faster, light weight and power efficient than the traditional hard drives. As they don’t have any moving parts unlike the HDDs. They work on NAND flash memory technology. It is same as the storage tech used in USB flash drives but much faster and reliable.

So with the brief introduction about the technology. Let’s get started with our list ssd under 100 dollars.


1.Samsung 850 PRO – 256GB

850 pro best ssd under 100 dollars

When it comes to SSDs Samsung is the king. As it the market leader currently due to their continuous innovation and reliability in NAND technology.

The Samsung 850 EVO is the most popular ssd on the market currently. As ample amount of storage, reliability and performance at a good price point. But the 850 PRO is much better and around the same price.

The 850 PRO is 250 GB drive and  has a black and red casing with the company’s logo on it. It offer higher capacity then it’s previous version which always great. It is much more efficient as it has 150 TBW (Terabyte Written) which equates 40 GB daily read/ write for the period of 10 years. Compared to 850 EVO’s 75 TBW. And it has 540/530 MB/s.


Overall this SSD is great out performs it older generation in terms of every aspect and defiantly recommend it if you are willing to spend little more. By the gamer it the best ssd under 100 dollars.


2.PNY CS1311 240GB 2.5

pny ssd under 100 dollars

PNY is one of the few made in America computer brands in the USA. It is around in the industry for a long time now, making flash, storage devices and power banks. Now they are making some great ssd.

The PNY 240GB is more popular among low to mid end pc builder as perfectly gaming and workstation needs. It is also reliable as the others offers great price to performance ratio.

The PNY ssd has a 240GB o storage which quite adequate for running some games and workstation programs like Photoshop, premier pro etc. It come in red and black matte color scheme and 2.5 inch form factor. The drive has read and write speed of 550/520 MB/s. And its TBW is not know.

In terms of performance it is comparable better than MX300 as they both used TLC base technology. Overall it is a great drive for gamer’s and workstation pc’s.


3.ADATA Ultimate SU800 256GB

adata tlc ssd

Adata is a well know brand in memory storage devices and has been around for many years. With their experience in the HDD market they also started offering SSDs.


The SU800 ssd is a 256GB drive with blue and black color scheme and 2.5 inch design. It is meant for gaming and day today use. And their reliability is backed by ADATA brand name.


The SU800 is TLC based drive due to which it performance is not good it MLC competitors. But it compensate its customer by giving more space. It can read and write at the speed 560/520 MB/s and it has TBW around 200.


The SU800 is a great drive as robust. Since it is TLC based drive it compensate its customer by giving additional space.


4.Mushkin REACTOR 250GB

mushkin mlc ssd under $100

Mushkin is been around from the golden age of computing, making storage devices and ram modules for PCs and servers. With their expertise they have entered the SSD market.

The Mushkin Reactor is a 250GB drive with green and black color scheme in 2.5 inch form factor. It is for gamers and working professionals. And with their great built quality they are reliable.

The rector is a MLC based which makes it faster than the TLC drives in terms of performance and reliability. It has sequential read and write speed up to 560/315 MB/s .And it has 230 TBW.

In terms of performance it is great as it uses 3DNAND and MLC technology to achieve greater performance. And mushkin also manufacture most of their product in America so you know it is reliable. And a MLC ssd under 100 dollars , it is a steal.


5.Crucial MX300 275GB SATA 2.5

mx 300 2.5 ssd

Crucial is around for a long time now. As they manufacture some great memory sticks for PC and devices. They have also entered the SSD market few years back. And are offering some great SSDs.

The MX300 is popular among the budget PC builder as it quite cheap offer much more capacity. It also reliable and offer great price to capacity ratio.

The MX 300 has 275 GB of storage which the largest among all in this post. It has blue and black color scheme and 2.5 inch form factor. The MX 300 has sequential read and write speed of 530 /500 MB/s . It has a writing capacity of 80 TBW which is a tradeoff for the capacity it offers.

In terms of performance it is not comparable to 850 PRO because it TLC drive and 850 pro is an MLC due to which it offer greater performance. Overall it is a great budget ssd with higher capacity.


6.WD Blue 250GB Internal SSD

Western digital is around for a long time and offer great storage devices to the market. With its recent acquisition of Hitachi’s hard drive division.

The WD blue 250GB is also becoming popular day by day as it blue hard drive. It is for gaming and professional use. And offers great reliability as it blue hard drive.

The WD blue is a 250 GB drive which is quite adequate for day to day operations. It comes in black and blue color scheme and 2.5 form factor. The drive has read and write speed of 545/525 MB/s. And it has 100 TBW.

In terms of performance and reliability it has it a great drive. Like most others it is also a TLC base drive so it much slower than Samsung pro 850. It is a great head driver for gaming and professional need.



No SSD is equal or perfect, each of these are designed for different demographics and need. So hope you have found out yours from the best ssd under 100 dollars in the market.



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