Build a Ryzen 5 system under $1000 for 1440p Gaming

build ryzen under 1000 dollars

AMD is back!!! With its ryzen CPU after a long time. These ryzen 5 chips are great for under $1000 builds. AMD has specifically targeted the Ryzen 5 processor at the sweet spot of PC gamers to gain market share from Intel.

But wait a minute, this is not a ryzen processor review, we are here for a solid build aren’t we?

Without any further to do so let’s get started with the build.


AMD Ryzen 5 1600

 build ryzen 5 system under 1000

You must be thinking why the 1600 not the 1600X? There is no harm in going with the 1600X, I choose the 1600 because the benchmark of these CPU’s are equivalent in games. You can overclock the 1600 to get the equivalent performance of the 1600X and the 1600 is much cheaper then it bigger sibling.

That said, the 1600 is no shy for performing for the price. It is on par with the Intel i5 7600k if not better in CPU synthetic benchmarks. And they goes neck on neck in gaming. But the 1600 has lot of headroom in terms CPU processing utilization compared to the i5 which is pinned to at 100% in almost all games.

With the upcoming game optimization for Ryzen it will not be far off that it will surpass Intel in the near future.



AM4 B350 motherboard

As the ryzen is a completely new architecture form AMD it come with couple of new chipsets for the enthusiast to the budget gamer’s need. The B350 chipset is targeted to the mid-level gamer as their build budget is no more than the 1000 dollars.

The MSI Tomahawk comes jammed pack with features in it. It has a military style black-gray PCB, ambient red LED on the sides and comes with military class 4 components. It supports crossfire and all the goodies the AM4 platform has to offer.

The tomahawk is a great motherboard with great features and support for the end users.



gtx 1070 for 1440p gaming

The GTX 1070 is a great graphics for 1440p gaming and is a great choice for gamer with a under $400 budget for graphics cards. For the price it is the best performing card in the market.

The EVGA GTX 1070 SSC is an OEM vendor of the card. It comes overclocked out of the box with their superior ACX 3.0 cooling solution. It sports 8 GB GDDR5 memory which is the fastest GGDR5 memory module offered by micron.

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For our build the GTX 1070 is the best choice but if you support the red team. I will suggest wait for AMD’s VEGA to launch.

Ballistix Sport LT 8GB DDR4 Kit

8 gb ram

With the rise of ryzen and their chipsets they supports DDR4 RAM module out of the box. Which are much faster and power efficient than their predecessor.

The Ballistix LT is an 8(4 X 2) GB kit which is clocked at 2400MHz.  It has CL 16 latency and the memory type is unbuffered DIMM.

These DDR4 kit will be optimal for any mid-tier gamer for their system to run optimally.

Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD

2 TB seagate harddrive

To play tons of game on your new PC you will require a hard drive with huge capacity. So the Barracuda 2 TB hard dive will do the trick for you.

The Seagate barracuda used SATA 3 interface, which can transfer data at 6.0 Gbps. It uses the latest SATA interface in the market. The disk runs at 7200 RPM and has 64MB of cache.

This hard drive will be perfect for gamers to store tons and tons of games and multimedia. This hard drive is also reliable as Seagate is a reputable brand and come a warranty.


SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB

120 GB SSD

SSD’s are vital for any gaming build in 2017, so SSD with decent storage and speed much need to run resource heavy programs and operating systems. SSD’s are storage device which are used NAND flash memory for storage which much faster and light than traditional disk based storage.

SanDisk is pioneered in the storage space and they make some great SSD for every market segment. The SSD plus is an entry level SSD for the consumers. It is a 120 GB of storage for drive which will be enough for average gamers needs.

This 120 GB SSD will be used to store your heavy programs like photo editor, video editor, renderer and OS. So this SSD will be enough for it.


SeaSonic G Series 550-Watt

550w gold PSU

To power things up you need to PSU and the Seasonic g 550 watt gold PSU does the job very well. It is important to have a good PSU for proper functioning of the system.

The Seasonic g550 is a great power supply and can deliver upto 550w of power. It is a modular power supply, so any pin combinations can be used. It is also an 80 plus gold certified which uses high quality components in it. Which helps in heavy load conditions.

The G550 is a very reliable and deliver what you have paid for. This PSU has headroom for overclocking as well.

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01

ryzen 5 1000 build

The Corsair Spec 01 is one of the best mid tower case in the market. It has all the I/Os , space and expansion slot into it.

The spec 01 is mid tower ATX case. On the front it has mic, headphone jack ,usb 2, usb3.0 ports and a power button. It also sports 4 fan mount, 2 in the back and 2 in the front. The front fan also supports red LED’s. And one more thing it has a transparent side panel.

The Spec 01 is all in one best case for the price for our build. And it also suits our red Ryzen theme.




Ryzen is great CPU architecture which offers great performance for the price and giving Intel a run for their money. Which is great for consumers like us, as we get great products for a cheaper price.

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So this is it, this is our ryzen 5 1000 dollars build.

Hope you liked it. So that it for today, see you next time.

He is the founder of Tek Grains , he is a gamer by heart, loves technology and likes to help people. He is a Pc enthusiast and helps people over the internet to build their system.

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