The ultimate gaming mouse guide(Things you need to know before you get one)

The gaming mouse guide before you buy one

Gaming mouse and keyboard are the weapons a PC gamer, which defines them. They have evolved over a decade as per the need of community. A gaming mouse defines a gamers playing style and choosing a right one can be a critical decision for new as well as seasoned gamer.

So I have put up this guide together to try to answer this question once and for all(may be).

Choosing a gaming mouse can be difficult and it mostly based on preference and the games you play.

Spoiler alert !!!

There is no perfect gaming mouse, it changes form personal preferences. It is like some likes Pepsi other like Coke (both are very much the same and I hate them both).

But there are some of these points which will definitely help you to choose one.

So let’s get started.


What to look for in a Gaming mouse ?

To answer this ,you need learn the skills in the Mountain like Batman (no just) to take a look at the following aspects below.

What’s your hand size ?

You must be wondering doesn’t that gaming mouse comes in free size which can fits in all hand sizes.

No they don’t, so it is required to know your hand size first.

Take a measuring tape and note down the length of your hand. From the longest finger to the curve line of your palm. Just like in image shown below.

measusring hand length for gaming mouse buying guide

Now to measure the width of your hand use your knuckle from the thumb to the other knuckle along the width of your hand. As shown in the Image below.

mesasuring hand width for gaming mouse guide

With these measurement you can find the ideal size of for your hands .So my hand is 18 cm long and 9cm wide, the mouse with close to 16 x8 cm in size will be ideal for me.

In short the size of the mouse should be of the 2:1 ratio (length: width) respect to your hand. Now we know what size of the mouse will fit in our hand, so let’s move on.


Dose DPI matters?



Yes , but gaming brands have marketed DPI as unit of precession of the mouse which is not true. DPI (Dots per inch) is unit for mouse sensor to measure number of dots to represent on the display per inch. It is basically a resolution, which represents how much distance will the mouse pointer move as the mouse moves on the surface.

DPI and sensitivity moves in tandem but they are not the same.

So higher the DPI is better?

It depends upon the resolution of the screen, if you have a high resolution screen (4K) then higher DPI will be useful. For a 1080p screen it may not be of much use, but for it can greatly help in solving the issue of frame skipping.

DPI is totally on personal preference , But for suggesting a number I will go for up to 4000 DPI sensor for 1080p and 1440p display and above for higher resolution.


Sensors (Laser or Optical):

Both, it does not depends on which type of sensor you use it depends on the quality of the sensor used in a mouse.

There are some pros and cons of both

Optical sensors

  • Optical sensors inherit zero acceleration. Which helps for better control on mouse during fast paced games like most CS:GO and Quake.
  • In the past optical sensor were having tracking issue but it has changed recently because use of quality sensors.
  • They have a decent lift off distance.
  • The tracking of optical is quite good compared to laser which helps to draw straight lines without any issues if you use photoshop or any other program.

Laser sensors

  • Laser sensors have very high DPI and polling rate which are very good for screen and high resolution screen.
  • The mouse acceleration was used to be an issue in laser mice but if a mouse has a good quality laser sensor like A9800 used in Roccats Kone Pure then there will no issues.
  • Despite of higher DPI , laser sensor suffers from jitter compare to the optical sensors.

If you are into competitive FPS gaming I will strictly suggest go for a mouse with an optical sensor. Get a laser sensor if you are use to them.



In laymen’s term if we move a mouse quickly for a short distance on the surface, the mouse pointer will travel more pixels on the screen compared to the mouse distance.

“This time it ain’t just about being fast.”-Dominic Toretto

The mouse acceleration is ON by default in some gaming mouse for ease of use. But it can be turned off using control panel or mouse bundled program.

Acceleration is a user preference, some like it some don’t. Novice like it because they can move like the mouse faster in games. Pros hate them because they lose precision of the mouse.

For FPS gamer who are into competitive gaming or want to be good at games like CS: GO, stay away from acceleration. Use a mouse with sensor which inherit zero acceleration, it will help you to improve your game. For other genre it is totally on your preference.


Pooling Rate

It is rate of frequency the mouse emits light to get the input from the surface. So basically it is like the refresh rate of the mouse.

The higher the polling rate the better the tracking of the mice in theory. But it may depend on the quality of the sensor used. Usually higher the polling rate the better the mouse respond to user input. That means higher the polling rate the lower the response time.

Using a mouse with lower pooling rate will suffer from latency issue and players can suffer from crazy input lag.

Choose mouse with higher polling rate but if this spec is not displayed look at the response time it should be around 1ms (millisecond) to 4ms.

Programmable buttons

Programmable buttons are important in a gaming mouse. As it help to bind in game action which needs to accessed quickly with an ease. Gamer use it for melee attacks, rocket jumps and if not to change some setting in game.

razer deathadder programable buttons


They can be very helpful as they can adapt your need and can complement your style of playing. There can be mouse of 4 to 20 programmable buttons and using them is total on user preference. There function can be edited using the mouse proprietary program.

The number of programmable button on depends on the type of gaming mouse, for FPS and MOBA’s 6 to 8 buttons are sufficient, for MMO’s can go up to 20 buttons.


Wired or Wireless

For gaming, wired mouse are the best hands down. They are robust, low input lag, no latency issues, high precession etc.

But wireless mouse has their own to stand out. If you are building a HTPC and going to game on TV. Then wireless mouse only makes sense. Not all wireless mouse are bad some are good and get their job done.


If you are hardcore gaming and want to master out a game then go for wired mouse. If you are a casual gamer or building a HTPC and want your setup to look minimal then go for Wireless mouse.


Design and Comfort

What’s the use of gaming mouse which is not comfortable is use. It helps gamer for prolonged sessions without getting tired. And the design of the mouse defines the purpose of the gaming mouse.

The design of a gaming mouse has changed over the years and these three are the major ones.

Ergonomics: Most of the gaming mouse on the market are designed using this language. They have smooth curve from the triggers to the bottom of the mouse.

For recommendation the Zowie EC2-A is one of the best for FPS gamer with ergonomic design.

zowie ec2a fps gaming mouse

They are mostly designed for right handed user. And they may be asymmetrical in design and are optimized for one hand use only.

Ambidextrous: They have similar design language as ergonomics . But the only difference is that they are symmetrical in design. And specially designed for left handed user in mind.

For example : The Razer Abyssus V2

razer abyssus

Both left and right handed players can use those mouse.

MOBA and MMO : These mouse are huge and specially designed for MOBA’s and MMO’s. They have tons of buttons on . They are heavy compared to the previous styles.

The Logitech G600 is a great example for MMO’s


For Fps lovers go for ergonomic and Ambidextrous style is for you , other for Moba’s and MMO.


Now we have been through points on gaming mouse Let’s identify your grip styles

Palm grip

It is the most comfortable and common grip style. In this style the whole hand is laid over the mouse with thumb and little finger on the side to grip the mouse. This style offers great comfort but lack speed and accuracy while controlling the mouse.

Image credits: Tomshardware

The whole movement on the mouse is done by the whole arm or the tip of the palm. The above shows the illustration of palm grip.

Claw grip

It is very similar to palm grip, the only difference is the mouse is hold by using a claw like structure by the hands. The thumb and little finger hold the side of the mouse while the trigger are held by the fingers in the shape of claw.

claw-grip mouse style
Image credits: Tomshardware

This style is less comfortable compared to palm but offers faster clicks and movement. This is mostly adopted by FPS gamers.

Finger tip

In this style only the fingertips are in contact with mouse surface. This style is the most uncomfortable among them all. But offer great speed compared to the other styles.

Image credits: Tomshardware

The movement of the mouse is mostly done by  finger tips and arms.


Everyone hands are different and have different gaming style. The above guide will help you choose the best gaming mouse for your need.

If you are on a budget Check out link below.

Top 5  Budget FPS Gaming mouse.

So what aspects do you consider while buying a gaming mouse.

Tell us in the comments below.

So that’s all for today , catch y’all later.

He is the founder of Tek Grains , he is a gamer by heart, loves technology and likes to help people. He is a Pc enthusiast and helps people over the internet to build their system.

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