Top 5 Budget FPS Gaming mouse to own your Competitors

top 5 budget fps gaming mouse


Gaming mouse is very important to a PC gamer as it stands between their victory and defeat. Especially for competitive gamers it should adapt their playing style. There are various gaming mouse available for every genre of games, but today I will show the best budget FPS gaming mouse under 40 dollars.


Gaming mouse comes is various shape and sizes .For an fps gamer choosing a perfect mouse is very important.

But how to choose a gaming mouse ?

Take a look at the steps below.

  • Size? Mouse should be of 2:1 ratio means the length of the mouse should be of x2 the width. It should be the ideal size for any gamer.
  • Laser or optical sensor? Choose optical over laser for FPS gaming as it has low to zero acceleration which is much needed for competitive gaming.
  • DPI or Sensor? I will say it of both but mostly bet on the quality of senor. DPI is not that important but chooses the one which has around 2000 or more with adjustable DPI settings.
  • Wired or wireless? It’s your choice, gamer prefer wired to have less latency and input lag but some wireless sensors are greatly improved.

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So we have been through pre requites now let’s get started with the best budget fps gaming mouse.

1.Razer’s Deathadder Essential

razer deathadder budget fps gaming mouse

Razer was founded back in 2005(makes me feel old) and launched their various line of gaming gear. But the Razer’s Deathadder series of products are the most popular among gamers, especially fps. The Deathadder is considered as one of the best among some competitive gamers.

Over the past years there are various versions of Deathadder’s were launched by razer to target every segment of the market. The the Deathadder Essential is not the greatest but not bad as well.

It has the same design of the as of other deathadders. With a green glowing scroll button and illuminated logo near the palm. The mouse also has two programmable buttons on the left hand side for quick control in game which can be configure using Razer Synapse program. There are textured side grip on both the side of the mouse,as it helps to improve handling .Finally it also has an adjustable DPI button on the top to change the DPI profile on the fly.

The deathadder sports a 4g optical sensor which leads to low to zero acceleration in the mouse doesn’t spin out when doing 360 or 180 degree split. The tracking of this sensor is precise it even register little movements. Its also has a nice lift off distance.


  • Mouse is well balanced and is light which is crucial competitive gaming.
  • The mouse triggers are tactile and gets are fast for quick response.
  • The rubberized texture on the mouse feels good in the hand.


  • The life span of the mouse is short. It will only last  for a year or two.
  • Some of the user are reporting double clicking issue with the trigger.

If you take gaming seriously and want some competitive level mouse for a budget price this mouse is a great option.

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2.Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

logitech g420 gaming mouse

Logitech G402 is a direct successor to the infamous G400s gaming mouse. This mouse is designed for FPS gamers for a budget price. And it delivers its purpose

The design of the mouse has changed very much compared to its predecessor due to it has led to some backlash among gamers. The design is somewhat oddly shaped curve which take some time to get use too.

The mouse has feel of rubberized plastic surface which adds good grip to it. It has 8 programmable button and an oddly placed DPI switching button near the thumb rest. The buttons on the left hand side are very oddly placed and it take time to get use too. This DPI switch has 4 preset and supports on the fly switching.The DPI switch has a blue led indicator which shows on which presets are you on.

It sports Logitech’s Fusion engine Hybrid sensor (that’s mouth full) with Delta zero technology. This mouse inherit no acceleration thanks to Delta zero technology by Logitech. And the fusion engine uses an accelerometer to augment the optical sensor to enable tracking speed upto 500 IPS which great for esports players.


  • The mouse has zero acceleration out of the box.
  • Accurate sensor.
  • Light weight.


  • Awkward design.
  • DPI switch placement.

If you are coming from a Logitech‘s G400 mouse and want something similar, this will be a great option and you will get use to it in no time.

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3.Steelseries rival 100

steelseries rival 100 budget gaming mouse

The rival 100 is the best budget gaming mouse Steelseries has to offer. It looks similar to its more expensive sibling the rival 300. But it has some fair share of its own to stand out from others.

The rival 100 comes with a curved design which is very much inspired from the rival 300 and adds to the overall ergonomic of the mouse. The mouse has a rubberized plastic matte finish all over it that provides good grip to the mouse.

This mouse has 6 programmable keys which can be configured using Steelseries Engine 3 software. The DPI switch is located at the top center of the mouse which is very convenient to use. The mouse key are tactile and the click feels good. The sides of the mouse has plastic sculpted grips for better handling but they feel cheap. It comes in various different color as per one need. It also has an illuminating RGB logo which can customized using their proprietary program.

The rival 100 sports a SDNS- 3059 sensor which provide great tracking compared to other mouse in the same price range. This mouse offer tracking speed up to 143 IPS which not bad for the price. The acceleration is very minimal on this mouse . You will not spin out in most case while doing 180 or 360 degree split.


  • It is light weight.
  • Design of the mouse fit claw and palm style.
  • Decent lift off distance.


  • Build quality is not great.
  • Rubberized texture wear off over a period of time.

If you are a fan of steelseries products, it will be a great addition in your portfolio.

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4.Roccat LUA Tri- Button

roccat lua ambidextrous mouse

Roccat is not known by many gamers but those who do they know they make some great gaming gears. They are one of the most underrated brand in the industry. Despite of it they make some great gaming mice. And the Roccat LUA shines in the budget segment.

The looks of the mouse is average but not the way it performs. It is the best for entry level gamer. The mouse curved shape is very much designed for claw grip style. The mouse has a rubberized plastic texture all over it which feels ok, nothing special.

As this mouse is designed for entry level gamers it lack extra buttons on the side. While it has a DPI switch at the center of the mouse. It has sweat resistance grip at the side which help in prolonged gaming sessions. The best part is, it has an Ambidextrous (it can use used by both right and left hand) which adds great value and not seen in a budget mouse.

The LUA sports pro optic R2 sensor which can go up to 2000 DPI which is quite enough. It is quite light for fast paced gaming. The tracking speed of this mouse is 60 IPS which is quite low  for competitive gamers but it is enough for casual gamer. It also has an illuminated Roccat logo which adds to the overall aesthetics.


  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Light weight.


  • Suitable for small hands.
  • Lack side buttons.

If you are a left handed and on a serious budget with small hands, this mouse is for you.




5.Redragon M601 Centrophorus

redragon gaming mouse

Redragon is a relatively new brand in the gaming industry. But they do make some great budget gaming products like mouse pads ,keyboards etc. The Redgraon M601 is one their entry level gaming mice.

The M601 has a very cheese design (just see above I am not kidding) with its red and black color scheme and edge structure. Despite of that it offers great feature for the price. It has an angular design which smooth’s out at the curve in the end. The mouse has a plastic feel with rubberized triggers.

It has 6 programmable keys with a DPI switch at the top center of the mouse. The mouse has rubberized side grips on either sides, furthermore adds to the overall ergonomics and feel of the mouse. It has 2 side button near the thumbs with an illuminating logo . The best part of the mouse is that it has weight tuning set (2.4gx8) and is the only one in this list.

It has a 2000 DPI adjustable optical sensor which can be used on any plane opaque surface. The tracking of the mouse is fine. With the use of Redragon software various setting can be adjusted including the color of the illuminating logo. It also has a 3ft long braided cable which seems to be quite nice.


  • The price tag.
  • Weight tuning set.


  • The overall build quality is average.

If you are a casual gamer and want the most featured pack mouse on budget  you can’t go wrong with this mouse.





Gaming gears industry has matured over the years. Market is flourished with Quality gaming gears. Even an entry level gamer can afford a gaming mouse as they are available in all price segment.

Get on with one of these and own your competitors.

So, which gaming mouse are you using? tell us in the comment below.

That’s  all for today,

See you all later Happy fragging.

He is the founder of Tek Grains , he is a gamer by heart, loves technology and likes to help people. He is a Pc enthusiast and helps people over the internet to build their system.

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