Top 6 Graphics card under $200 for Competitive Gaming 2017

Top 6 graphics cards under$200

The year 2017 will be exciting a year for Gamers. As various improvement in process and computation technology has cut down the cost per fps of a GPU. So the performance of the  graphics card under 200 dollars has increased to a greater extent. And some of them are on par with the mid-range graphics card.

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Most of the gamers in this category are into competitive gaming like CS: GO, DOTA 2  etc or are casual gamers who want play the latest title on a decent graphics setting without breaking the Bank.

This segment is very exciting as the consumers are getting most value for their money.

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Here are the top 6 graphics cards under 200

1. The XFX Rx 480 4GB

XFX rx 480 4Gb

AMD has kept their promise of 2X the performance per watt with it Polaris architecture. And the Rx 480 is the crown jewel of its architecture. It was designed to give the performance of a mid-level card of an budget price point, which it delivers.

The RX 480 comes in 8 and 4 GB model to target all the demographics and as per the need of the audience. The 480 is targeted towards 1440p gaming which it doesn’t fail to deliver. This card performs like a beast in DX12 and Vulkan titles as it supports Async compute out of the box.

The 4GB variant is 2-4 percent slower compared to its 8 GB sibling but only in memory heavy titles like GTA5, Ashes of the singularity, etc. It is very efficient compared to its predecessor as it consumes half the power than its predecessor and delivers up to twice the performance.

The RX 480 is a great choice for gamers who are looking for some level of future proofing in their systems. As it the support for DX12 and Vulkan and an overtime driver optimization, can tend to increase in performance.

2.The MSI GTX 1060 3 Gb

gtx 1060 gb graphic card under 200

The nvidia  GTX 1060 is a direct competitor to the RX 480 , and it stands out on its own. Both of them goes on neck and neck with each other . In some game the rx 480 emerges victor (especially in DX12 and Vulkan titles) and 1060 in others.

The gtx 1060 is based on the nvidia’s Pascal architecture which offers great performance improvement and efficiency over Maxwell architecture. It is based on 16nm FinFET technology helps in delivering great performance and efficiency.

The 1060 come in two memory buffer 3 Gb and 6GB. Unlike the rx480 the 3Gb variant of the GTX 1060 is a slightly cut down version of the original 1060. Which has less number of CUDA cores, memory and clock speed. Due to this the performance difference is 5-7 percent between 3GB and 6GB variant.

The Pascal is a  great architecture but lack in the overall lower level API supports. The gtx 1060 performs great in DX11 tiles but suffers in Dx12 and Vulkan titles and In some case things can get worse. The lack of architectural optimization and support for hardware level Async compute are the major reason in degradation in performance.

3.The ASUS Strix Rx470 4 GB

Asus rx 470 budget gaming gpu

The RX 470 is one of the GPU which uses the same but slightly cut down version of Polaris 10 chip. So it offer a great performance for a lower price compared to the RX 480. Despite of that it doesn’t fail to perform.

The RX 470 is targeted toward 1080p gaming, and it stands through that claim. As it is based on Polaris architecture is quite efficient and offers great performance. It supports Dx12 and Vulkan out of the box , as on the same level of RX 480.

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The RX 470 is 10-15 percent slower than the RX 480 in overall performance due less numbers of compute units and clock speeds. It also comes in 4 and 8 GB variant with 7 Gbps bandwidth compared to 8 Gbps on Rx 480.

The RX 470 is a great graphics card for 1080p gaming and offer best value and performance among all the GPU’s in the list. So if you want a Rx 480 equivalent for a cheaper price then you can’t go wrong with this card.

4.The EVGA GTX 1050 TI SSC

Gtx 1050Ti esports gaming

When the GTX 1050 TI was being speculated in the rumor mill it was considered as a direct competitor to the RX 470. But that was not the case, rather it was a better alternative to the nvidia’s own GTX 960.

Same as the 1060, it is also based on Pascal architecture but on 14 nm FinFET process technology. Yes 14 not 16 as the 1060. On the GP 107 graphics chip. This chip is targeted towards entry level gamers who mostly play esports titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO etc.

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The 1050 Ti is 5-10 percent faster than the GTX 960 in terms of performance and efficiency. Compared to RX 470 the 1050 ti is 15 -30% slower (that’s a huge gap) the performance difference is significant. The 1050 Ti comes in only 4 GB variant.

To be honest the performance of this card is disappointing when compared to 470 .But the price difference between them justifies that. So if you are on a tight budget for an entry level built then this card is for you.

5.The Zotac GTX 1050 mini 2GB

nvidia Gtx 10502gb budget GPU

The gtx 1050 is the cheapest card based on Pascal architecture. It is a direct competitor to the RX 460 and successor to the GTX 950. And offer great value for the price.

The GTX 1050 also uses 14 nm FinFET process technology which offer greater efficiency. It is based on slightly cut down version GP 107 chip which was used in the 1050 Ti. It is targeted towards the entry level gamers who are on very tight budget.

The 1050 is 5-10 percent faster than its competitor the RX460 in overall performance. They both are very competitively priced and goes in neck and neck to each other. Only the 2GB variant of the 1050 is available in the market.

This card performs great for a sub $100 price point. It single handedly outperforms the RX460 in DX11 but not in DX12 and Vulkan . For the price it is the best alternative for RX 460.

6.The Gigabyte Windforce RX 460 2GB

gtx 1060 gb graphic card under $200

The Rx 460 was launched with the arrival of Polaris architecture from AMD. It is the cheapest offering from AMD based on Polaris architecture. And direct successor to the r7 370.

The RX 470 is based on the Polaris 10 chip which also uses 14 nm FinFET process. The Polaris 10 chip is very power efficient as it was mainly designed for mobile processors. It target the entry level segment and is a direct competitor to the GTX 1050.

The performance of the RX 460 is kind of a mixbag. The RX 460 is 10-5 percent slower in overall performance compared to the GTX 1050. But stands out in DX12 and Vulkan titles. And it only comes in the 2GB variant.

 In overall performance the GTX 1050 is a greater than the RX460. But in games with lower level API like DX12 and Vulkan the tide turn towards AMD. So if you are planning to use your card for a longer period then then go RX 460 else the GTX 1050 is a better choice for entry level gamers.


The under $200 segment has become very competitive which is good for gamers. As they are getting more value for their price. And gamers can choose as per their needs and budget.

As with improvement with architecture and process technology it will get better and better.

Best graphics card under $300 for 1080p 60FPS gaming.

So, which one is your favorite graphics card under 200 dollars  ?

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